Skipping or shortening your pill-free week


A pill-free week lasts 7 days. What you do is take the pill for 21 days and then don’t take the pill for 7 days.

Want to skip the pill-free week?

You can skip your pill-free week. Continuing to take the pill after 21 days is no problem at all.

Strip with 21 pills

Remember: you can only skip or shorten the pill-free week if your pill strip contains 21 pills that are exactly the same. Do you take a different kind of pill? Then talk to your doctor or Sense nurse to check whether you can skip the pill-free week.

Shorter pill-free break

You can also stop taking the pill for less than 7 days. So you could, for example,  stop for 4 days and then start taking the pill again. Some girls do this to have less problems with the bleeding.

Never stop for more than 7 days!

Don’t make the pill-free break longer than 7 days, ever. If you stop taking the pill for longer than a week, you’re no longer protected against pregnancy.

Not a real period

When you take the pill, you bleed during the pill-free week. This looks like a period and it feels like one too, but you’re not really menstruating. How does that work? A proper period happens when an egg left unfertilised in your uterus after ovulation is discarded. But when you take the pill, you won’t ovulate so there’s no egg to be discarded.