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Glans and foreskin

The glans is the most sensitive sexy spot in a man. The glans is at the tip of your penis. It’s covered by the foreskin, unless you are circumcised.


The glans is smooth, soft and usually pinkish red in colour. When you get an erection, the penis and glans fill up with blood. The glans swells up and gets darker (or redder). The foreskin covers the glans. At birth, the foreskin is still attached to the glans. Somewhere between 8 and 14 years old, the foreskin automatically separates from the glans.


The glans is exposed when you have an erection. The foreskin slides back over the glans. If you have a longer foreskin, the glans may still be covered when you have an erection.

Sensitive and sexy

The glans is the most sensitive sexy spot in a man. The ridge of the glans and the frenulum form the most sensitive section. The frenulum is the elastic band of tissue that attaches the foreskin to the glans.


When you play with yourself or have sex with someone, you can stimulate your glans. Read more about masturbating, jerking off, penetrative sex or fellatio.

Problems with the foreskin

Some boys have difficulty pushing back their foreskin properly. This means it may be painful to jerk off or to have penetrative sex. It also means you can't clean your glans properly. Often you can do something about this yourself. Sometimes you need to go to your doctor. Read more about problems with the foreskin.

Little white spots

Some men have little white spots on the rim of the glans. This is not an STI, it's a normal phenomenon called ‘pearly penile papules’.