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Pubic hair

Everyone has pubic hair: hair on your genitals, also called pubes. Some people have a lot of pubic hair and others have very little. Some people shave it or trim it; others leave it as it is.


Your pubic hair starts growing during puberty. At first, it's just a little bit of down, afterwards it gets thicker and more dense.

Types of hair

Everyone has different pubic hair:

  • Colour: brown, blonde, red or black. And grey when you get older.
  • Dark pubic hair or light hair. Dark hair is often more visible than light is.
  • Hardly any hair, or perhaps a lot of hair that extends all the way to the inside of the thighs.
  • Very curly hair, or not so curly.


Styles in pubic hair come and go. It used to be the trend for women to leave their pubic hair as it was. Now you often see that women shave it all off, and sometimes men do too,. You can go along with whatever is in fashion, but you don't have to. Do what you think is attractive, and feels good for you.

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