10 tips for a good relationship

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How do you make sure you have a good time together? Be nice to each other, stick up for yourself and do fun things together.

10 tips

  1. Be nice to each other.
    Be there for each other. Be nice to each other. Really listen to each other.
  2. Give each other compliments.
    Tell each other what made you fall in love or what makes you love each other. And what you really like about your partner.
  3. Talk to each other.
    Show interest in each other. Ask your partner what they enjoy doing or find interesting.
  4. Express your opinions.
    Tell them what you think about something, even when you think your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't agree with you.
  5. Respect each other's opinions.
    You're both equally important.
  6. Don't store things up.
    If something is bothering you, just say so.
  7. Indicate your boundaries.
    Say, ”No” if you don't want something. Let them know when you do want something.
  8. Don't hurt the other person.
    Consider your partner’s feelings.
  9. Do fun things together.
    Have fun together, surprise each other, send loving text messages, and give them a gift now and then.
  10. Hang on to your own life as well.
    Make sure you don’t do everything together. Don’t neglect your friends.

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