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Preventing STIs

What is safe and what isn’t?

There are different ways to have sex. When have you got the biggest chance of getting an STI? Or of getting pregnant? Take a look at this diagram.

Sex and the internet


Sexting is using your mobile phone or tablet to send sexually explicit messages, photos or images. What are the risks? What can you do if it goes wrong?

The first time



About Sense

Welcome to Sense, the reliable site about sex. What do we stand for? And how exactly can we help you? Read more about the website here.

Your body




Problems in your relationship

Sometimes you have problems in your relationship. Perhaps because one of you has cheated, or because you are jealous. Read what you can do about it.

Sex techniques + Lesbian sex

How does lesbian sex work?

2 women can have all kinds of sex: kissing, caressing, fingering, cunnilingus. And use dildos or vibrators for penetration. This is how lesbian sex works.

Privacy / Cookies

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, straight?

Coming out

Coming out means telling people you are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Who do you tell and do you always have to tell someone? When is the best time to do it?


Glans and Foreskin

The glans is the most sensitive sexy spot in a man. Read more about the foreskin and glans here.

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