Short videos about sex

kussend stelletje

Short videos in which young people tell their own stories about sex. How do they look back on their first-time sex? How do you get better in bed?

Better in bed ♀♂

Young heterosexuals talk about how to make sex even better. By talking to each other, doing your best for each other and by telling your partner what you want.

The first time ♂♀

Young heterosexuals talk about their first time: about how it actually feels, nervousness, pleasure and orgasm.

The first time ♀♀

Lesbian girls talk about their first time: about virginity and sex, discovering each other's bodies, experimenting and having an orgasm.

The first time ♂♂

Young gays talk about their first time: about pleasure, real sex, discovering yourself, licking and sucking the penis and the difference between top and bottom.